Why Choose Acrylic And Perspex Framing

When we talk about picture frames, or even frames that are used for framing artwork in galleries and museums, we often think about frames made from wood or metal that has a solid glass cover. This is mostly because these types of frames are the ones that we’re most familiar with. Such frames have been in use for many, many years—pictures in our homes and schools make use of such frames, and in fact, they are still being used by many people up to this day for services like photo framing and memorabilia framing in Sydney.

Glass is a very popular material used in picture and artwork frames, and they do have their own advantages and features that make them suitable for protecting and displaying our favourite photos, paintings, memorabilia and other items we want to frame. However, thanks to developments in technology, we now have another choice aside from the traditional glass framing—an alternative to glass that experts believe to be better options when it comes to frames—and that is acrylic. But why should you consider making use of acrylic instead of glass? What benefits will you be able to enjoy when you choose to use them?

Acrylic Is Light Weight

The material used for acrylic framing is much lighter when compared to their glass counterparts. As such, acrylic or Perspex is often the preferred choice nowadays for framing large pieces of artwork and art framing in Sydney. In many occasions, lighter frames are often much better options especially when the pieces to be framed are constantly being moved around. This is the case for many art galleries, where artwork is being transported from one room to another.

Another issue with glass frames with regards to weight is that its heavy weight makes it risky for large pieces to be displayed. Because of their weight, they need to be mounted solidly or have some form of support. Also, with glass framing, it must be ensured that the frame is solid enough to bear the weight of the glass.

In some cases, art galleries may choose to lend one or more pieces of artwork to another gallery or bring them to art events and conferences. The lighter weight of the acrylic framing again plays a crucial role here by reducing the costs of shipping the artworks.

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