What Kinds of Canvas Materials Do Framing Companies Often Use?

There are three types of canvas materials that picture and custom mirror framing companies often use. These comprise:

  • Cotton Duck: This is, by and large, one of the most common canvas materials that you will be able to find at the shop of any frame shop in the city. Cotton duck typically comes in an assortment of varieties. To understand the difference between each variety, you will need to possess an awareness of the weight and the weave. The weight denotes the heaviness of the canvas. Similarly, the weave denotes the tightness with which the weavers have woven the threads together. The loose weave of cotton duck makes it easy to paint on. But, if the material stretches more than is expected, it could end up distorting the picture.
  • Linen: The tightness with which the linen threads are woven together makes linen more expensive than cotton duck. This tightness in weaving patterns enhances the durability of linen. It gives linen a stronger surface than cotton duck as well.
  • Synthetic Fibres: Some cheap framing companies in Sydney and other cities offer canvas printing services on synthetic fibres. It is worth mentioning that synthetic fibres do not offer durability levels that are as high as those offered by linen or cotton duck. For this reason, many painting services do not prefer using synthetic fibres.

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