What Are Some of the Most Popular Kinds of Frames that Framing Companies Typically Offer?

Frames for pictures and photos come in a diverse range of materials, colours and sizes. As such, each of them will exude a very distinctive look. This is why it’s best to shop for photo and picture frames prudently. If you want the frames to complement the colour patterns and design layouts of your home interiors, you will need to be patient. In this scenario, you will need to browse through several different kinds of frames before opting for the one that looks the best. It is worth highlighting that you should purchase frames based on how the picture looks in them. However, you must not ignore the appearance of the frame vis-à-vis the décor of the place where you plan to hang the frame either.

Some of the most common kinds of photo and mirror frames that you can find easily these days include:

  • Wooden Frames: As mentioned earlier, wooden frames are among the most commonly used frames across Australia. If you favour simplicity, wooden frames that have simple and smooth frames are easy to find. Similarly, if you prefer frames that are more ornate, hand-carved wooden frames abound as well. Just like acrylic photo frames, wooden frames are typically colour neutral. As such, they can complement almost any colour scheme with minimal fuss.
  • Silver (or Metallic) Frames: Like other metallic frames, silver frames can provide a bright edge to your chosen picture. Alternatively, they can provide an antique look if the frames happen to be oxidised. Some people often present silver or golden frames as gifts. This is especially so on weddings and anniversaries. You should ideally use these frames for accentuating the beauty of some classic pictures.
  • Steel Frames: You might have spotted these frames in the shop of any Perspex framing These often appear to be similar to silver frames. But, they are quite inexpensive as opposed to silver frames. Steel frames come in a wide range of styles and designs. For instance, carved steel frames can look quite splendid in a house.
  • Glass Frames: For people who love the minimalist look, glass frames are the ultimate. In many cases, suppliers make these frames from thick and toughened glass. As such, they remain less prone to suffering any damage.
  • Acrylic Frames: For the uninitiated, acrylic is a material that is derived from plastic. It comes in a number of different colours. Acrylic is a robust and sturdy material. As such, it can offer years of durability. In recent times, Perspex frames and acrylic photo mounting services have become quite popular. This is because acrylic frames usually provide protection from moisture and harmful ultraviolet radiation. In addition, acrylic frames are shatter resistant as well. Some frame shops even offer scratchproof acrylic frames for a slightly higher fee.


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