Photo Framing – Professional guide on choosing a frame

The most common approach when it comes to photo framing is to choose a frame which complements the colours in a particular photo. Another exciting way of choosing print framing is by knowing the place where the photo will hang, thereby choosing a frame to match the decor rather than the photo. Jersey framing is … Continued

The Origin of Picture Frames

Many people might feel that art framing is a relatively new trend in Sydney and other places. However, this is not the case. Just like many other objects that we use on a daily basis, picture frames have evolved considerably over time. Experts opine that picture frames were in use from around 50 – 70 … Continued

UV Protection and Reduced Glare

Artwork can be damaged by a myriad of factors, including ultraviolet rays from the sun. Thus, if you’re artwork is constantly exposed to sun, say it is hanging in front of or near the window, then you should consider making use of acrylic frames. Many reputable shops that offer picture framing in Sydney will often … Continued

Are You Looking for the Best Picture Framing Services that Enable You to Show Off More than Just Photos, Pictures and Artwork?

When you want the best art mounts or frames, don’t look beyond Master Framing. We are among the most popular and competitive framing service provider in New South Wales. A family owned and run business, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services. For instance, we can frame your football jumpers and other memorabilia. … Continued

Are There Any Downsides to Obtaining Canvas Photo Prints from a Professional Canvas Mounting Business?

Whether you need canvas prints or specific frames, professional print and framing companies are your best bet. These companies usually feature trained, qualified and experienced staff. Thus, it is hardly surprising that they will be able to transform an ordinary picture into a bewitching canvas print. In addition, printing and framing pictures and works of … Continued

Get Quality Custom Framing in Sydney Courtesy of Master Farming

There are certainly a host of reasons why you should consider opting for custom framing services instead of buying ordinary ‘off the shelf’ frames for your photographs, artwork, and memorabilia. This is especially true if the said items hold extensive sentimental value, or if your wish to create a gallery in your home or office … Continued