Painted Mirror Frames to add Style, Elegance and Brilliance

A colour coordinated set of painted mirror frames can be intelligently matched to the decor of the room. One would just need the following items to create wonders with cheap framing Sydney viz. Wood-framed mirror, Sandpaper, Small paintbrush, undercoat, paint and Masking tape.

Perspex framing is generally lightweight and sturdy and unlike glass doesn’t shatter if dropped or knocked. The sleek design of double sided Perspex framing creates a great display for your precious artwork while also providing museum quality UV light protection. There are several cheap framing Sydney options available in the market who provide high quality, distinctive framing solutions for your photos and artwork.

Mirror frames can be painted using the same painting technique on small picture frames or, painting several frames together in the same colour or toning colours to give a consistent style to frames across different size, shape and design.

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