In Which Situations is it Better to Purchase a Custom Picture Frame Instead of a Readymade Picture Frame?

Any big box or department store will stock a number of picture and photo frames. People often visit these stores to meet all their shopping requirements under the same roof. In many cases, the variety of products that these stores offer makes them a shopping magnet. However, these stores will usually feature a limited selection and styles of picture frames. In addition, for specialised requirements, you will do well to consider visiting a specialist store.

For instance, if you want to purchase a unique frame for your fine art, it is quite likely that the variety of frames displayed at the department store will not meet with your approval. Instead, you will need to visit a facility that offers fine art framing services. Such framing companies will invariably be able to help you personalise your picture frames. In addition, they will be able to match the picture frame to the photo to ensure that it exudes a stunning look. Some framing companies will also go the extra mile. Thus, they will match the picture frame to the aesthetic quotient and décor of your home interiors. Naturally, the outcome of such focused and specialised services will be superlative.

Some people often shy away from purchasing custom picture frames because of convenience. Finding a photo frame at the nearby department store is infinitely easier. As such, why would anyone want to spend hours poring over all the details and elements of the picture frame? Besides, the higher cost of custom picture frames acts as a deterrent too. Almost every Australian household will have some invaluable pictures and artwork that they will want to display in their homes. But, not many of these households will want to spend hundreds of dollars towards ordering custom-made picture frames for displaying these photos.

Despite the easy availability and affordability of readymade picture frames, custom-made picture frames can be quite beneficial. This is especially so when:

  • You Want to Frame Photos of Unusual Sizes: Hobby photography is becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia. Hence, people are increasingly taking to hanging custom art in their homes. These pictures will enhance the visual appeal of the house. But, they often come in unusual sizes. You will not be able to find the right frames for these pictures at any department store. Only a framing company will be able to make custom picture frames for your pictures.
  • You Want a Say in Each Detail of the Frame: Readymade picture frames usually come with a white or cream matboard. The matboard is the border within the frame that gives the pictures a professional look. When you purchase a custom frame from a custom mirror framing company, you will get to pick each aspect of the frame. Thus, you’ll be able to pick coloured matboards that can complement the look of your home interiors.
  • You Want the Framed Picture to Exude a Dramatic Look: If you’re framing an important document, you’ll likely want to make the framed picture the focal point of the wall or the room. In other words, you might want a frame that adds a little flair to the picture. Custom-made frames can provide the look you require. From bolder frames to ornate ones, you’ll be able to find the frame that accomplishes your objective effortlessly.
  • You Want to Preserve Some Pictures for Posterity: Cheaper framing materials can introduce acid into the frame. This can make your unique and treasured pictures yellow with time. Similarly, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can make your pictures fade. By purchasing a custom picture frame, you can protect your pictures with acid-free matboards and ultraviolet-filter glazing.


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