Get the Hang of the Materials Needed for Hanging Your Picture Frames

When it comes to framing their pictures or artwork, many people feel that getting the right frames is usually the toughest part. To an extent, this is quite true. However, when they decide to hang their pictures, they often end up selecting an inappropriate location. Or, they could end up damaging their walls by hammering away at them. It is worth highlighting that hanging pictures is certainly not tough. But, you do need to have a good idea about how to go about it. For instance, you will need the right materials for hanging your picture frames. In addition, you’ll need to determine where you need to hang your picture. And, you will need to ensure that the frame has the appropriate hardware on it.

Any online framing guide will highlight that there are only three ways for hanging your picture frames. These will typically involve the use of:

Nails: One of the benefits of using nails lies in the fact that nails are easy to install. In addition, nails are small in size. So, they don’t create large holes in your wall. Ensure that you hammer the nail into the wall at a 45-degree angle. If possible, put the nail into a stud in the wall. Use studs for hanging pictures that are large or heavy, otherwise the pictures will fall.
Screws: In case the walls of your house are made of concrete, stone or brick, you’ll need to use screws for hanging your picture frames. For any other kinds of walls, consider using nails. Using screws in other kinds of walls could end up making larger holes in the walls. Pre-drill a hole in the wall with a drill bit that is of the same size as the screw. Also, consider using a screw anchor to secure the screw properly.
Adhesives: In recent times, the use of adhesives for hanging picture frames has become quite popular too. These adhesives typically come in the form of Velcro or hooks. Ideally, these are useful for hanging smaller pictures. If you attempt to hang larger pictures, you could risk damaging the frame. Therefore, read the instructions carefully before using these items.

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