What Kinds of Frames are Best for Preserving Your Pictures and Paintings?

Picture and memorabilia framing has been popular in cities such as Sydney for years. Connoisseurs often like decorating their walls with various memorabilia, canvas paintings and other artwork. In recent times, people have preferred using modern frames for displaying and preserving their canvas paintings. You can opt to place these modern frames as centrepieces. Alternatively, you could hang them on your walls as well.

Any art and jersey framing shop in Sydney or another city will have the following kinds of frames:


  • Metallic Frames: In terms of durability and versatility, nothing can match metallic frames. They complement all kinds of artwork. In addition, they offer a considerable amount of variety too. For instance, you could opt for decorative metallic frames or simple ones. Similarly, you can even select the kind of metal you want in your frame e.g. chrome, sterling silver or brass. Metal framing continues to remain popular even today.
  • Wooden Frames: When people want to add some style and class to their artwork, they prefer using wooden frames. Wooden frames exude a timeless charm. In addition, adding and removing paintings from wooden frames is much easier. You could obtain these frames at any regular or online framing store.
  • Padded (or Cloth) Frames: If you have an untraditional room décor, cloth frames or padded frames could be a wise choice. You could pick any patterns or colours that you desire for matching the décor of your room. However, you’ll need to ensure that the colours or patterns you select complement the artwork too.
  • Digital Frames: If you plan to display your painting without actually putting your painting up for display, consider using a digital frame. Nearly all the picture framing companies in Sydney and other cities offer digital frames these days. A digital frame merely displays a copy of the painting. A digital frame is ideal for displaying multiple paintings as the same time. However, avoid using digital frames for large canvas paintings.
  • Acrylic Frames: Acrylic framing is becoming increasingly popular because it protects pictures and paintings from ultraviolet rays and from moisture as well. In addition, acrylic photo frames are exceedingly shatter-resistant. Moreover, you could purchase scratchproof varieties too. In recent times, there has been a great demand for perspex frames acrylic photo mounting services

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